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Bell Mountain.jpg

At 0601 on 6 April 2087, after weeks of silence and the besiegement of the quantum nation's AI-network repository by Pact forces, Shangri-LA's artillery batteries began firing. The barrage targeted Pact forces staged farthest into Shangrilese territory around the agricultural hub of Bell Mountain valley. Artillery shells burst in the air above the Pact leaving dark billows of undulating smoke. To the horror of the personnel in the valley, the clouds of smoke began moving independently and swarming towards the Pact positions. Within minutes all life in the valley was snuffed out. The flak clouds, comprised of trillions of experimental weaponized nanite drones, turned all biological material they contacted into carbon. In a brutal act of defiance Shangri-LA obliterated over seven thousand Pact personnel, fusing their bodies in place as their tissue was rapidly transmogrified to graphite.  


Years after the massacre a sort of carbon mausoleum remains at Bell Mountain. Shangrilese forces left the site intact - abandoning statues of once living bodies to slowly crumble in the harsh desert climate. The area is avoided by all but the foolhardiest scavengers lured by rumors of nearly a division's worth of equipment and weapons neglected in the valley. Of those who venture to Bell Mountain few if any return as the area is heavily patrolled by Centaur ASV's. 

Bell Mountain remains an unsettling monument to the true nature of Shangri-LA's council, and a reminder of the unrelenting destruction which awaits those who resist the AI nation.  

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