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When cooperation fails and war breaks out on the continent, the conquered are typically absorbed into the victorious nation according to strict rules outlined in the Simulacrum Protocol. The edicts govern how the victor legally absorbs the conquered territories, resources, and surviving population.

In most cases the vanquished are integrated into the victorious society and the ribbon of time further unfurls for all involved.

However, there are instances when a nation either will not or cannot possess the subjugated.

Also, conquered groups can (very rarely) form a resistance within their new nation and such groups are purged as a result of rebellious behavior.

Whatever the cause, if a person is either unclaimed by their new host nation, or expunged from the nation for crimes (or other sometimes arbitrary reasons) they become a member of the repudiator class.


Repudiator Archetype
B&W Bear Legion.jpg

Many nations will strip repudiators of any cyber and bioware before casting them in the wilds. Some societies take pleasure in providing crude replacement parts as a final insult to the unclaimed.


Some particularly egregious organizations hunt repudiators to use their bodies for resurgence overlay exploits. Resurgence overlaying involves neutralizing a host consciousness before transferring the consciousness of a deceased individual into the host brain. 


For the original host consciousness, it is theorized the experience of overlaying is akin to a fragmented, unending dream where the actions and experiences of the new dominant consciousness are observed and possibly understood by the submissive consciousness, but with all agency lost.

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