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 Commissioned specifically for the Shangrilese militia, the Devil Ray combines speed with tremendous firepower at the expense of heavy armor.

Due to the vastness and variation of Shangri-LA’s domain, the militia required a versatile vehicle capable of operating both in the flooded valleys, arid deserts, and rugged mountains which make up the nation. The Devil Ray’s antigravity projection thrusters are powered by a micro-cold fusion powerplant with an output of 2,200 horsepower, allowing the tank to achieve reliable cruising speeds of 95 KPH, while maintaining a safe vertical ceiling of 40 meters.

Though considered a light tank, the Devil Ray weighs a hefty 40 tons. Armed with a 120mm main cannon backed by two missile packs, the Devil Ray can project a tremendous amount of fire power quickly and accurately thanks to a sophisticated sensor suite. The four-shot VI (variable intercept) warheads are capable of engaging both ground and aerial targets while the second turret features top-attack munitions for use against armored vehicles.  

After the disbandment and execution of the Shangrilese militia the majority of in-service Devil Rays were scrapped for materials. Mere hours before the militia's slaughter,  a single battalion of tanks broke ranks and fled, along with other militia personnel and civillians, eastward. Led by Command Sergeant Major Elena Mendoza this motley convoy fought its way out of Shangrilese territory seeking asylum in neighboring Fleishstadt and eventually forming the initial contingent of Gaia First! volunteers. Of the original 58 tanks in the battalion, less than 30 remain operational after more than a year of regular engagements with Shangri-LA’s automated forces.    

This 7-piece resin model comes unassembled and unpainted.

Contents include:
1x hull

1x turret
1x turret hatch

3x turret options  (120mm cannon, fusion cannon, rail cannon)

1x missile turret 

***Please Note***
This model does not come with a flying base. 

Assembly and painting required.

Please see our care instructions for handling, cleaning and modeling with resin.

Devil Ray Light Tank

  • Model Preparation
    Due to the casting process resin models require clean up before attempting assembly or painting. To release casts from a mold requires a mold release agent which is greasy and can hinder glue bonds and prevent paint from adhering to a model's surface. To ensure ease of assembly and painting please wash and scrub all resin pieces in warm, soapy water and rinse thoroughly. An old toothbrush is useful for scrubbing models as the bristles won't damage the resin. 

    Some mold release is particularly stubborn to remove and requires soaking the models in soapy water for an hour or more. After soaking, scrub and rinse the models well and let them air dry before attempting assembly. Household dish detergent works well for washing resin and is generally cheap and easy to find!

    Safety Recommendations
    Resin models are recommended for advanced modelers. 

    While curing, resin models may retain small air bubbles or imperfections which require clean-up before painting.

    To fill small holes use modeling putty - most game and hobby shops carry some kind of 2-part epoxy putty available for purchase. 

    Mold lines or other raised imperfections should be removed with either a sharp hobby knife or sanded.

    Please use caution when using any hobby knives and remember to use clean, new blades and ALWAYS cut away from your body.

    When sanding resin be sure to wear protective coverings for your mouth, nose and eyes as resin dust can be harmful if inhaled. Also, always sand your models in well ventilated or outdoor areas and take caution to contain any dust while cleaning up your workspace and tools afterward.

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