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Colonel Moraro is the commander of the Gaia First!, a Pact-aligned resistance force tasked with reclaiming Shangri-LA from the clutches of the AI network which turned a nation once lauded for its advancements in the sciences and humanities into a dead, desolate nation of machines.

​Colonel Moraro uses aggressive hit-and-run tactics on the battlefield, relying on the speed of her Devil Ray platoon to strike targets with maximum force before quickly relocating to avoid counter-attacks. 

Moraro has seen the brutal nature of Shangri-LA's AI and vowed to never allow those machines a chance to terrorize her as they did the night she led an exodus of human survivors out of the synthetic nation. Leading a caravan comprised of both civilians and ex-militia personnel, Colonel Moraro witnessed brutal, unrelenting attacks against her convoy confirming to the colonel that the only viable strategy against her AI opponents was precise, concentrated fire. There was no such thing as a wounded Centaur, if the machines still possessed power they posed a threat to life. 

Over the intervening months, and dozens of sorties into Shangrilese territory, Colonel Moraro refines her tactics. The commander obsessively researches after-action reports involving any Shangrilese force encountered by the Pact. Her knowledge of Shangrilese strategy and battle tactics is unsurpassed in the Pact's officer corps. 

Read about Colonel Moraro's exploits here


The kit includes both a 32mm and 54mm-scale model of Colonel Elena Moraro, commander of the Gaia First! faction and veteran tank commander. This model is printed in SLA resin and comes attached to support-structure for secure shipment. 


Kit contents include:
1x 32mm Elena Moraro model (single piece)

1x 54mm Elena Moraro model (single piece)

Depicted Models mounted on a 60mm (54mm) and 32mm (32mm) round bases (not included).

Model sculpted by J. Eastman

Model painted by Garden Ninja Studios  

Colonel Elena Moraro - Commander of the Gaia First! (32mm & 54mm)

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