Bartholomew "Half-Machine" Krenshaw is a popular, fresh face on the social media scene and commander of the Repudiator warband known as the Bear Legion. Extremely well equipped for a Repudiator community, the Bear Legion began as Universal Negotiators indentured staff turned renegades who absconded with their vehicles to flee west.

The Bear Legion’s underdog story almost immediately went viral through various social media networks across the continent – granting the Legion an instant celebrity status and sympathetic fans in many nations. While the Legion was unable to capitalize on this popularity in a conventional manner, Krenshaw was quick to see the potential in swaying mass public opinion to his cause and became a regular participant in expanding the Legion’s brand across the quantum web. Krenshaw conducted live interviews, chatted with fans and created hours of content, all while fighting running battles from his original U.N. posting in the Everglades Exclusion Zone westward across 3,500-kilometers of unforgiving terrain.

The Bear Legion’s 8-month rampage over the continent sacking former U.N. convoys and outposts was viewed by his devoted fanbase as a strike by good against evil. As a result, many corporate nations banned Krenshaw’s material – eliciting a huge increase in demand for his content on the dark web.

Since that feverous transcontinental run, the Legion has moved around the south-western portions of the continent, raiding for whatever resources or personnel the warband needs. Krenshaw prioritizes U.N. targets over all others, though the Legion occasionally strikes out at non-U.N. assets out of necessity.  


The Half-Machine model depicts Krenshaw's hyper-advanced cyber arm in action. Utilizing nanotechnology and adaptive dual-state materials, Half-Machine is able to push his body to extreme feats of strength and dexterity such as hoisting a vehicle-grade weapon like the Hail Storm cannon with one arm while flashing a loveable, "hold my whisky" grin.

The kit comes with a 32mm-scale model of Bartholomew "Half-Machine" Krenshaw and additional bits to customize a Moose Battle Wagon as his personal vehicle, the Papa Bear, which features new weapon options for the Moose - the Hail Storm cannons! 


Kit contents include:
1x 4x6" "Wanted Poster" postcard

1x Legs
1x Torso
2x Heads: Half-Machine's post-accident "brick" head and his pre-accident "pretty" head.
1x Moose Hatch
2x Hail Storm shell launchers

Model can be mounted on foot or mounted to the top cab of a Moose Battle Wagon. 

Depicted Model mounted on a 32mm round base (not included).

Model sculpted by J. Eastman

Model painted by Garden Ninja Studios  

Bartholomew 'Half-Machine' Krenshaw -Bear Legion Commander