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A charming and wholly violent nomadic warlord currently terrorizing the death zone between Fleishstadt and Shangri-LA with his self-proclaimed ‘Bear Legion' – cybernetically altered, and chemically-crazed warriors numbering in the dozens.


Originally from the Floridian Isles, Krenshaw was one of thousands of citizen-turned-repudiator when the Georgian Republic forfeited its claim over the vanquished league of island states.

Bereft of national or corporate claim, Krenshaw and the other surviving Floridians were classified as repudiators and onboarded as indentured staff by Universal Negotiations where most remain in perpetual service decades later.

Krenshaw served as a turret gunner on the extremely dangerous Everglades supply route before becoming grievously injured.  

Bartholomew 'Half-Machine' Krenshaw.png

Bartholomew 'Half-Machine' Krenshaw

While in a chemical induced coma at a U.N. medical facility, Krenshaw’s section supervisor signed up the incapacitated man for expensive bionic organ transplants and cybernetic limb replacement with high-density epidermal plating. 

Without the credits to cover the numerous surgeries, U.N. Human Resources auto-enrolled Krenshaw for additional tours as an indentured staffer to cover the augmentation and rehabilitation costs incurred.


Outraged at what amounted to 13 years of additional service charged without his consent, Krenshaw vowed to exact his revenge on his section supervisor and that vendetta would eventually grow to include the entirety of the U.N.

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