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Convoy Attack

Shangri-LA's rebirth as a fully quantum nation forced humanity down the well trodden path to war - this time one of survival against an extinction-level threat. 

The remaining communities of biological humans are as fractured as they are diverse. Ranging from corporate-nations such as Universal Negotiators which are motivated primarily by maximizing return-on-investments, to the numerous independent communities who lie in the path of Shangri-LA's aggressive expansion and jointly fighting under the banner of the Pact, or the exiled and ignored Repudiators who cling to life in the harsh wild lands of the continent - humanity takes many forms and remains as violent and tribal as any other point in our history.

The strength of humankind lies in its multifariousness, but a house divided cannot stand against the voracious hunger of Shangri-LA's automated legions. Unity will occur one way or another. 

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