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The driver named Gallo G04-D017-40 has worked with the U.N. for most of his life. Gallo grew up among a cadre of similarly fated children when he was inducted into the United Negotiator’s Citizen Corps at age 4 after his parents sold him to the corporation for reductions in their indentured service contracts.

The corporation indoctrinated Gallo to accept the reality presented by the U.N. Department of Culture. Even as a child, Gallo showed a knack for critical thinking and remaining calm under adverse test conditions. He also exhibited biometric traits conducive to advanced gene therapies and cybernetic enhancement.


By age 12, Gallo was enrolled in the U.N.’s Driving Academy. By age 16, he graduated from the academy with specializations in hazardous environments, advanced combat tactics, and EVOC (Evasive Vehicle Operating Certification).

Within two weeks of graduation Gallo took part in his first field operation, the logistical relocation of vital equipment and personnel from Outpost Y34, a U.N. trading hub located on the volatile foothills of the Maw caldera. 

Gallo .jpg

Senior Security Associate Gallo

The 10-day mission tested Gallo’s ordinarily calm demeanor, but the young driver saw his vehicle and crew through the treacherous region, despite numerous small volcanic eruptions which plagued the operation.

In a four-decade career, Gallo has covered most of the continent and, from his perspective, “seen it all.”

Gallo has watched the corporate nation evolve from an entity focused on HASaR (Human-Asset-Seizure-and-Relocation) operations to the contemporary courier and security services that now defines the nation’s corporate culture. While the “snatch jobs,” as Gallo called them, were not ethical conundrums for him like they were for so many, he saw enough HASar assignments go sideways to quietly welcome the restructuring of U.N.s services away from those operations.

Gallo currently serves as a Senior Security Associate tasked with escorting U.N. logistical caravans through the harrowing Mojave Death Zone.

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