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The Bear Legion are a mechanized repudiator warband led by the gregarious Bartholomew ‘Half-machine' Krenshaw and currently operate in the volatile Mojave region between Shangri-LA and Fleishstadt. Extremely well equipped for a repudiator community, the Legion maintains their technical prowess through raiding - specifically assets from Universal Negotiators, a corporate nation specializing in logistics and asset relocation. The founding members of the Legion, including Krenshaw, were originally U.N. indentured staff who turned renegade and fled westward

Bear Legion.jpg

After a year of grueling losses across the continent U.N. forces have placed a sizeable bounty on the Bear Legion. 

The Legion's leader, Bartholomew Krenshaw, has a debilitating hatred for the U.N. and its citizens. Blaming the corporation for destroying his body and trapping him in an augmented shell, Krenshaw hopes to inflict as much pain and destruction on the operations, personnel and materiel of Universal Negotiators as his synthetic body will allow. 

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