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Issued to every person on earth and worn like necklaces, these devices continually monitor and record the user's neural activity and allow for complete restoration of consciousness if death occurs in a process called resurgence. Localized recordings upload to quantum cloud storage at rates ranging from 5-minutes to 168-hours. Meaning in ideal circumstances, a person will lose, at most, 5 minutes of memory if suddenly killed. However, resurgence is expensive, and host bodies are not always available, meaning the lag times between death and resurgence can be months or even years for those unable to pay for expedited service. Many corporate insurance plans subsidize resurgence costs for immediate rebirth.

When a body dies, the deceased’s consciousness, also sometimes called a persona, can be restored in a new host body through resurgence. Tethering can occur in several ways. First, early consciousness tethering can occur in prenatal stages, with best results after the 38th week of gestation. If a host body is available, then in media res tethering allows restoration of faculties and immediate “rebirth” as soon as the Tethering Nausea wears off.

When an Ahtman-SIM device is lost or destroyed the deceased must rely on the last upload transmitted by their AS device.  

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