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What is Simulacrum Protocol?

Humanity is extinct. Wiped out by wars, diseases, and uncountable natural disasters. Upon reaching inevitable extermination testing conditions are reset and the experiment begins anew. Each attempt is dictated by the Simulacrum Protocol: a hypothesis regarding humanity's worth dictating the obstacles faced to prove the species' value. Successes and failures coalesce as data points and endlessly the trial grinds on. In such a state, resurgent consciousnesses cling to mortal bodies testing inscrutable theories of humankind's unseen masters.

With each new Simulacrum Protocol human beings are evaluated - probed for flaws and refined through a grueling process of controlled annihilation. Success may ensure survival of the species and humanity's inclusion in a galactic whole. Failure is a road repeatedly traveled and perhaps a foregone conclusion.  


Simulacrum Protocol is a 32mm-scale vehicle combat game set in an alien future. In one of the endless test-realities in which humanity exists, humankind is under attack: Artificial Intelligence is rampantly surging across the planet, absorbing all biological communities in its path. Out of fear some communities aligned with the AI, negotiating their gradual assimilation while others defiantly fought back. Humanity's fate now lies in the resolve of brave vehicle crews risking their lives in a desperate war against unrelenting machines. 


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